Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Getting Started

Howdy and welcome to my blog! I’d like to share some of the things that inspire me to write, sometimes it’s journeys, sometimes songs, sometimes images, and sometimes its other stories. Hopefully some of it will inspire you as well in whatever you are doing.
            I’ve been thinking back to the first thing that inspired me to start telling my own stories, the prologue to Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring, which I watched shortly after finishing the book.  Those few minutes and the pages they are based on have so much packed into them that I think makes great story telling. From the cryptic description of the rings that Sauron sowed (what kinds of kings were those men, what must it have been like for their friends and family to watch them grow darker) to the allusion to the long war that was waged before they laid siege to Baradur, there is a constant feeling that there are more stories to be told. For comparison, the Iliad, one of the earliest epics in literature, recounts less than two weeks during what was a ten-year war. Imagine for a moment, a short story of Gil-galad that followed him from the morning before the final battle up to the moment he stands, forsaken by all but Elrond and Ciridan upon a field of dead as the Dark Lord himself bears down upon them. I think it would be an interesting read.
            Tied in closely with the untold stories, is the sense of timeless and powerful evil that we can never seem to fully defeat. The whole point of the Prologue is, put simply “Sauron is really bad, we beat him before which was really hard, and now he’s coming back because somebody couldn’t through this ring into the lava”. 
            Add into that the way that the prologue is presented, a reminiscing by Galadriel about long lost days and you have an intoxicating combination of deep, moving stories about conflict against great evil, all of which is hidden in the mists of forgetfulness for us to seek out and uncover. It would be a rare book lover who wasn’t a tiny bit jealous of Gandalf exploring the forgotten sections of the Minas Tirith library in search of histories and records untouched for many years.
            But that’s what initially got me started writing, and I’ve been chasing those half-forgotten stories ever since.  What kinds of things got you interested in stories?

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  1. Great introductory post, Evan! I can't even remember not being able to write, but I suppose it was ready that kindled the love. I was fascinated with books and words from very young and that power held. Reading--especially classics I was often too young to understand--would light my imagination and I would often render my own version not long after. For some reason, "Prince and the Pauper," "Robinson Crusoe" and "Island of the Blue Dolphins" stand out and I could recount very little of the plot. I have always jotted down story ideas, but it has not been until the last few years that I've strived to develop them fully. I think it's very neat that you track your primary and initial inspiration back to Tolkien!