Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I'm Back!

Welcome back! It is an unfortunate fact that at time work and life get in the way of a good blog, such is life. For those of you who have been anxiously waiting for the next part of my Tolkien series (I’m sure there’s one of you out there), that will be up this weekend.
                I’m very excited about some of the stuff I have coming up; An author spotlight with a brand-new author, a few articles I’ve been punting around, and my next short story hopefully available in the next couple of months.
                Since it’s been awhile, here’s a quick look at where we are at with the Tolkien series to prime the pump for Saturday. In Tolkien and the Ancients, we looked at how the Northern societies viewed fate and mankind’s relationship to it as a sort of half understood paradox of Free Will and Predestination, along with their view that Evil is primarily an outside force acting upon mankind. In Tolkien and the Great Wars, we saw the opposite view of Evil prevalent among Tolkien’s contemporaries, it was primarily an internal force corrupting mankind from the inside out.
                In Tolkien and Christ, I want to look at how Tolkien saw evil in the context of Christianity, a force internal and external, but neither the unstoppable force as his contemporaries thought, nor the ultimate end as the ancients saw it. Christianity allowed Tolkien to see things such as progress and fate in their proper place, forgoing vain hope and refusing to submit to ultimate despair.
                So, hopefully things will run a little smoother for the next few months and I can have a few things worth your time. I look forward to talking with you all in the days to come!

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